Home at last.

Finally they let me go home from hospital on Friday evening.. 😊 It felt so good to see our apartment again. All the tree are opened and the view is lovely.

I took it very steady yesterday and after probably the best on and off sleep last night for aI decided that I need to get a shower.

I have to smile because post op I’m 12 kilos heavier 😳which they say is normal because of the fluids they put in you. 😳 One question I like to know is how the hell are you expected to march on the spot when your like a dough boy.

Just kidding I’m on a water tablet which I’m told will eventually clear the fluid out. 😉


  1. That is so wonderful to hear. I am so happy you are home and all is well (except for that weight part 🙂 thankfully that will go away soon!)

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    1. Would you believe when I got weighed this morning I had lost 10 kilos, these water tablets are amazing 😳 feel better with less fluid although the rib cage is giving me some pain! Going the right way. 😉

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  2. So pleased that you are home and smiling Elaine 🙂 I can sympathise with the weight gain, I put on 12 kilos in hospital at one point too! I think it is all the stuff they drip into you! I think that you look fabulous, massive healing hugs xx

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    1. Thanks Jen, 10 kilos has come off now and I’ve lost the rugby player legs! Talking each day as it comes enjoying the good bits and accepting everything else, I’m alive 😇


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