Eleven days after heart surgery.

They are really pleased with me after such major heart surgery, I’ve just had my first shower, the nurse said I would be completely shattered after it and she was not wrong.

Apparently it is our bodies way with coping with major surgery. I’m hoping to go home this weekend 😊

You, my lovely friends on WordPress have been a massive help to me and I kept my positivity 98% of the time and did what all this fantastic team of cardiac experts told me to do. We are so lucky to have a fantastic NHS in England which is badly let down by our government. Hopefully things will change in the future.

Meanwhile they have saved my life and I thank them and obviously my Lovely angels 😇😇😇😇😇

Elaine x

37 thoughts on “Eleven days after heart surgery.

  1. I’ve not been on wordpress as much recently, so I didn’t even know you had gone in for heart surgery. I am glad to hear it has all gone well though, and I hope you’ll be home this weekend too. Nothing beats getting back into your own bed. 🙂 xxx


  2. You’re the superstar, Elaine. 🌹 Your hubby will be glad to have you back home where he can look after you I’m sure. Now the question is, can you be a good patient and rest for several months without going stir crazy? 😂

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  3. Good to see you up again, Elaine… and just watch how quickly that scar will heal! The body is an amazing machine at times. Now take care, listen to the professionals and keep on keeping on! Bet you can’t wait to get home now.

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  4. Hey!  That scar is a badge of honor to your strength and resolve….you did it!  You look good, but that room looks a bit messy😉🌸❤️💙💜💚🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  5. You haven’t lost that marvellous twinkle in your eye, Elaine, it’s alive and well and going strong. I’m thrilled for you, Elaine. And so glad your five little angels were on the job! “:):):):):)

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    1. Thanks Phylis for all your love and support that you have always given me. I hope you are okay and I will write to you when I’m a bit stronger xxx


  6. Hello Elaine! Lovely to see you looking so well after such major surgery, and fingers crossed you get home soon. Love the idea of the ‘Zipper Club’, what a great name 🙂 Take care, rest up, and no doubt we’ll be seeing some hospital inspired paintings soon enough ❤

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