Moved to yet another ward!

I’m so happy 🙂🙃🙂 I’ve been moved to another ward because they needed my side room for a gentleman so I’m back of a four bedded room with a lovely smiley lady across from me. The room is so much brighter and I can watch people coming and going 🤥 I was turning into a mushroom 🍄 in the dark, all I was doing was falling asleep.

I had to smile today when a specialist came to see me and said “ Are you the lady that went to A&E with stomach troubles then found out that you had an atrial Myxoma?” Yes that’s me I replied,  “ And it’s on the right hand side he continued which makes it even more rare you are so lucky that it has been found.”

From now on when I have a shower and wash my hair I have to use a product called hiberscrub  to make sure that my skin is germ free, my hair feels different, I doubt it will shine. I also have to rub a gel into my nostrils to prevent mrsa .

It’s so lovely being next to a massive window and I still have my dyson donut fan. Just one more day to go now, I can’t wait for it to be over. 😇




  1. I didn’t even realise you were in hospital and that you’d had such a huge open heart surgery! Otherwise I would have thought of you the day of your surgery and kept you in my prayers. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I don’t read people’s blogs as much as I used to as it was becoming too depressing reading about other’s suffering and I’m all about hope and positivity now. How long have you been in hospital for now?

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        1. Once they found it they couldn’t let me go home because it was too dangerous, I’ve probably had it for 30 years but because it’s getting bigger it could potentially kill me.


      1. I hope the surgery went well and you get back to creating more digital art and paintings soon as that’s the side of you I like to see. I like reading positive things and seeing lovely, bright pictures I was thinking of you. Xx

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  2. George says to tell you to hold a pillow to your chest when you cough…it helps enormously. My thoughts for a successful and fast recovery are with you. I realize that by now you have had the operation and that all is well with you. Just really wanted to say we all of us miss your happy smile and wonderfully sweet temperament. come back to the bloggosphere soon.

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