Hospital room with a view!


Had my first official pity party last night, why? Because I have nobody in the same room needing help to take my mind off things.

It probably did me good, I probably needed a good cry, I get so tired of going over and over my medical history. I was taken down for a chest X-ray last night in a wheelchair obviously 🙄 which I do not like! I was there ages waiting for a porter to take me back to the ward, I was cold and fed up lol. The porter told me I looked far too well to be in hospital 😏 

This is the 6th bed in the last 9 nights. It was very quiet in the night….. would you believe too quiet lol. I had to ask for some pain relief about 4am and then managed a few hours sleep before being woken up to take my BP and other bits.

It’s just a matter of getting used to a new hospital, new staff and keeping my anxiety levels in control. I downloaded a Louise Hay audio book in the early hours , I usually listen to her on you tube but the hospital Wi-Fi doesn’t allow you tube.

I’m very lucky to have a free TV with sky movies, not that I’m a film lover but it will pass time on. This was donated by a charity to the hospital which I think was very kind.

I’ve got a large window in my room which looks out on to other buildings so I can see people in their beds 😳 not a great outlook, but I’m not complaining. The best feature in this room is a large donut type fan which is excellent for keeping the room cool 😎 

l have got the radio on this morning and I’m sat with my back to the window, I wonder what time they serve breakfast 😉

Have a great day whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x


  1. Sending you a huge hug Elaine. I am keeping you in my prayers. Today’s Mother’s Day here in US and I want to thank you for mothering me from far away…with your loving kind spirit…xoxo

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  2. Hope you recover soon. I am thinking of you. If I wasn’t on the other side of the world I would send you one of my handmade Get better cards.. oh and I would have done a visit too with my nail painting. You’re so lucky that you had free TV. I think they should have free TV for everyone in all adult wards, not just in children’s hospitals as it can be so boring, especially when you can’t get out of bed.

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