My work in this hospital is done.

After another restless night assisting the lady in the next bed, picking up her bedside buzzer which fell on the floor and woke the other three of us on the ward she started complaining she was cold but not tall enough to reach up to close the window,  so obviously 🙄 me being tall got up again to close it. She then shuffled off to the toilet saying it’s only 3 o’clock, I thought about telling her it was actually 12.15 but couldn’t be bothered. 🤭

This is a four bed ward and every hour one or other of us gets up to go to the loo. I’ve noticed that everybody pops their heads up like meerkats to see who is going. I was giggling to myself, I just couldn’t make this stuff up.

The specialist came with the surgeon to meet me this lunchtime, I had apologised to the specialist earlier regarding my outburst yesterday which made his entourage smile. Then I told the surgeon that the specialist had looked after me very well 🤭 and he said he was a good doctor , so I’ve redeemed myself 😇

The surgeon said it was amazing that this mass had even been spotted, he thought that I must have had it for years because it was beginning to spread into a second chamber and had to be removed ASAP.   He said I was unique and I told him that I had been told that before. 🙄

Both my daughters need to get checked out too because it can run in families.

I’m to be moved over to another hospital tomorrow and and I will be having the operation on Tuesday. I will be in a week then he said it would probably take another good month to recover. Most of these sort of masses are benign only very few are cancerous. I told him that I had looked up his success rate which made him laugh when I said I felt reassured. 😉

I’m ready for a rest now and Ive decided to try my best not to be offering counselling services at the next hospital 🤐 After all I’m very special and unique 😉

Hope your all well

Elaine x


    1. Haha, I love to see the humour, I can’t wait to see how the story will change once I have the operation 😩


  1. I feel your pain at lack of sleep, wards can be a nightmare. I really hope that everything goes well on Tuesday, I will be thinking of you. How crazy that you knew nothing about it, I really hope that your kids are ok. Keep smiling xxxx

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  2. I’m glad you are doing ok and that dancing pig!  Where do you find that stuff?  I’m sure you’ll get a thank you ovation when you leave tomorrow.  Just keep your head down in the new place….😂

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  3. You are truly very special and unique. The one good part about post-op is that you usually get a wee catheter still in for a short while so there’ll be no constant trips to the loo – hey, got to look at the small blessings 😉

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      1. Oh Ok. Usually when you come into hospital for one thing they don’t bother to look for anything else, they only treat you for what you’ve come in for but I guess with a CT of the abdo they must have done your whole body to find it.

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