Awake in the night and the day meltdown ! Day 7

I have to admit to having a moment this morning when a lady came to my hospital bed to take a ECG. When she had done it she stuck some other sticky things on me and said I was ready for a procedure that I had the other day 😳 I’ve had it I said, well your down for it again she replied then walked away.

I felt a rush of emotion which I knew would go two ways, either I would get angry or I would cry . My specialist was doing his rounds and came to see me and I’m afraid to say I gave him all guns blazing 🤭 Saying I was fed up of hearing one thing one day then another the day after.

He was so lovely, he said he was the boss, he had ordered no further tests and it was he who had spoken to the surgeon who was coming to see me tomorrow. He told me to rest and I was probably looking at going over to the other hospital Monday or Tuesday next week. He said that I had probably had this tumour in my heart for a long time so a few days more wouldn’t matter.

I thanked him and stood up saying I was going for a shower ripping the stickers off me as I went.

I can laugh now, my daughter thought it was hilarious and said she wished I was there. I will apologise to him tomorrow although I’m sure he understood, it’s not much fun when the wrong information is given.

I seem to be the ward councillor 😏 reassuring everyone that they will be okay, even the nurses are coming up to me and telling me their life stories and issues 🤓 I appear to have gone from an introvert to an extrovert in one week.

Sorry, I’ve got to go now, a new lady has just arrived onto the ward and is wanting to tell me her life story ……….. 😹🙄😩


  1. I have to laugh Elaine, I can just picture this. Too bad you didn’t give it to the one with patches. Why she just didn’t double check and reimpose them is ridiculous. I’m glad you brought it up, you gave to be wary in a hospital! 👍🏻👏🏻

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  2. The nurse probably read the wrong page in your notes, Elaine. It was probably not even your notes that she was meant to read, read them and carried on regardless. They get there in the end, though. Some are better than others, though… but some are so impersonal it defies belief! Ah well. Each to their own. At least they’re coming to you to discuss their bits and bobs… if it were me, I’d be left in the corner with them all looking through me. Sigh.
    Now, Elaine, I’ve got this thing… 😉
    Take it easy, and get as much rest as you can. Now you’ve had your wobble you may find it easier.
    You made me laugh though. All guns blazing. Don’t want to get on the wrong side of you… 😉 😀


    1. Tom there is not a note in sight, it’s all laptops and hand held devices now ! Notes were better, there’s no chart at the bottom of the beds. The nursing staff on the whole are very good, thinking about it I think that I was booked for the procedure but I got fast tracked. Obviously 🙄 because I’m so important. 😄🤣

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      1. Well, that goes without saying! 😉 😀
        (And yes, they are good. Apart from the odd bad apple, but you can find them anywhere!)

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  3. I’m glad you have the confidence to speak up. It’s very annoying and dangerous for them not to read your notes properly! I’ll bet your specialist wasn’t happy with them either. You asked about my dad – you’re so kind. After numerous hospital appointments over 18 months, they seem to have put the various parts of his body together again and he’s like a new man and doing well 🙂 I’ll bet you’ll be feeling brand new soon too.

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    1. I think I spoke up more from desperation lol, I really pleased your dad is back up to speed, I hope your Aunty is doing well too. Are you still working? I bet your son is growing up fast. I used to love your posts.

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  4. Well done for standing up for yourself Elaine! When I was in the hospital they had to keep weighing me and at one point I had 4 different people coming into my room to do it, even though I’d already had it done!! My neurologist once said that he appreciates that I question him, it keeps him on his toes 😉 xx

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  5. There is an open energy to you Elaine that makes people want to tell you their story and feel the love that emanates from you. Remember to bathe yourself in white light of protection as you help all. I will send you love and light of healing! xo

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    1. Thanks Janie I had forgotten about doing that. Now I’ve moved hospitals I’ve a room of my own 😊 I should get some rest and peace now before my op on Tuesday 😇


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