Asleep in the day!

I am never having anymore antihistamine tablets again! I was given some because I kept itching and they do take away the itching ☺️ but they turn me into a zombie. I was dead to the world this afternoon when the nurse came to take my blood pressure, after trying to wake me calling my name he tapped me gently on the shoulder.

I kid you not I must have jumped three feet into the air, I frightened him. “It’s a good job I haven’t got a bad heart I said. Then smiled at the irony of the situation. I could hear my heart beating. He took my blood pressure and it was a perfect reading. I’m wondering if he actually jump started me, I need to ask somebody if they heard him say stand clear 🤔

Apparently I am not having the MRI scan tomorrow instead the surgeon who will be performing my operation is coming here to see me here on Friday !

How important am I 🙄

They are talking about getting me over to the next hospital by next Monday if there is an available bed or they may even transfer me to a private hospital 😳

👍❤️🥰 now that would be good. 😁

I have been showing a couple of ladies on the ward some of my digital paintings and they love my cat paintings , I haven’t done any painting in here yet because I’m too sleepy 🤤 hopefully not taking the antihistamines will sort that out.

Hope you are all well and happy, catch you later

Elaine x


  1. How lucky for the patients and staff to have you and your wonderful self. Fingers crossed you get to go private, it that there is anything wrong with NHS. It’s just a bit of luxury that will be appreciated when feeling unwell.
    I was put on Rifampicin for my itching. Maybe suggest that?
    Get well soon 💕💕

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  2. Thank you for the update, greatly appreciated. As always, your sense of humour is intact which, let’s face it, trumps everything else. Gets us through the tough times for sure! I’m still laughing, Elaine, that was damn funny!

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