1. Love it, just replied to other post with a ?, continuation of that. There were 2 posts 4th May re o,u and a post on Gambian coasts, have they come up ? Technical probs again

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    1. We have a board above our beds and we had to say what matters to us the most, one lady wanted to go home, another wanted a new body and I requested positivity. I’m living in the moment Sue , hopefully one more MRI scan then over to Leeds for the surgery. I’m listening to Louise Hays self healing meditation often and it’s definitely helped. ❤️😇❤️

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      1. Louise Hay got me through some tough times Elaine.. Being Positive is the best medicine ever.. And living in the moment.. is the only moment we have to live.. ENJOY your Moments, and sending loads of Positive energy your way Elaine and all the best for your opp… I am on holiday next week so will be away.. But know I am sending and thinking of you… Take care.. and remember it was providence that got you diagnosed and so all will be well, ..
        LOVE and Blessings ❤

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        1. Have a lovely holiday Sue, I know I was blessed that this issue was found and I feel my angels all around me. This is my acceptance lesson, my giving away my control lesson and patience lesson. I am learning to trust. Love and blessings to you too. ❤️

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            1. I’ve just been told that the surgeon who will be performing my operation is coming to see me on Friday, I am honoured! Looking at getting me over early next week! I definitely am blessed 😇

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  2. Shake it!! Is someone getting restless cooped up in bed? That graphic is strangely hypnotic, once you start watching it it’s hard to take your eyes away from it…


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