Awake in the night 2

How on earth is anyone expected to get better in hospital when you can’t sleep! Yes I’m in a moaning mood today ☺️ Yesterday I had an angiography which is when they insert a wire through your wrist up towards your heart and inject a dye inside so that they can see all the arteries. If people have blocked arteries they can then put in a stent to allow blood to flow easier.

It was fascinating watching it on the big screen whilst they played 80s music in the background. My arteries appeared ok so that’s one plus. The surgeon came to see me afterwards and said that the images had been sent to the specialist heart hospital and he said he was waiting for them to tell them when they wanted me transferring across.

He explained that I would be having major open heart surgery to remove this mass that had filled one chamber of my heart. I will be in the next hospital for approx 5 days then it takes two to three months to recover at home.

After the procedure they put on this contraption, which has to stay on a couple of hours to make sure the bleeding stops.

I’m finding this all very bizarre to be honest,I don’t feel particularly unwell just really tired from lack of sleep. Hopefully I will get some today 😇 My granddaughter has suggested that I rename my blog the heart lady lol, but I told her that it’s not really something I want to dwell on.

Hope you are all ok and I will hopefully update again when I’m moving to the next hospital

Elaine x


  1. Had triple by-pass 2006. Don’t be frightened. They’re pretty good at this stuff and I bounced back fairly quickly. My only after effect of note was a little disorientation in my thinking for a few weeks. I could not balance my check book or fill out forms properly and sometimes could not figure out something and just looked and wondered but went away. Good luck.

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      1. Sorry to bother you Elaine, posted 3 recent blogs and no likes or comments from anyone which is unusua. Happiness engineer waste of space. I designate you my happiness engineer. When you are able can you look to see if three posts come up, graduation & o.u 50 years

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          1. Well done guru thanks. Will revisit as thought this meant only existing bloggers I communicate with. Interestingly enough one person has commented on all three & not had request to view.
            Thanks so much as hadn’t wanted to bother you before but seen you were ‘active’. Have spent ages this aft chatting to engineer & getting nowhere, told them to leave it & I will ask a fellow blogger ❤️

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  2. Oh no, you poor soul! I’m glad they know what’s wrong with you and it’s fixable I’ve googled it and it looks like it’s very rare to not have a full recovery after the operation. Hope it all goes well and you’re back to normal soon. X

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  3. It’s amazing how quickly you’re up again after what sounds like a big operation, but you are. Get the rest AND SLEEP you need, Elaine.

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  4. Thank you for the update, Elaine. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I agree, hospitals aren’t usually a place you can heal because there’s always so much going on and they always wake you up to ck on you. argh!

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