Digitally painting using my iPad!

I’m still trying to get to grips using my stylus pen on my iPad. It’s certainly different, I can’t draw a circle very easily yet!   Hopefully I will be able to at some point. I love the colours that the art rage program offers and the ease of sitting on the settee painting and watching/ listening to the tv.


  1. Love this Elaine.. Reminds me of a drum, and the sun, and mandala all rolled into one..

    PS.. Cannot understand that your post was in my alerts on my email notifications, yet when I got here saw i wasn’t following you.. So thats why the refollow was pressed.. ❤

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    1. I was thinking about you in the night Sue, maybe that why I flagged up lol. We were supposed to be in Scotland this week but my doctor advised against it due to high inflammation in my blood, she has sent an urgent referral letter off to get me seen. She is questioning IBD now! I have to smile Sue it’s one thing after another.

      I felt so sad last night Sue thinking about the world and all what was happening and Ive come to the realisation that life is not going to be easy. 🌹

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      1. Aww Elaine, so sorry your holiday had to be cancelled and I hope you soon get your blood back to normal again..
        If ever you want to email me, please feel free you will find my email on your comments page. but alert me via here that you have sent, as I get hundreds in there as I follow far too many blogs..
        Please do not if you can help it allow your mind set to say you are not going to have it easy.. For you are already telling yourself your journey is going to be hard..
        Instead try to believe in your own bodies energy of renewal, and that your blood cells can right themselves..
        Sending Healing thoughts Elaine.. ❤

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        1. Thanks Sue, you are quite right, I’m listening to Louise Hays healing meditation tape every night and it is helping, thank you for your healing thoughts, they always help. Wishing you peace Sue x

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  2. Ahh I would love one of these new iPads with the stylus. I need some more inspiration to do some art. I find that you help me get inspired but I don’t seem to want to start. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I love this drawing you’ve done. It looks very mystical 🧞‍♂️

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