Reiki treatment

I went for a reiki treatment a few weeks ago, it is 15 years since I had regular treatments and then  studied reiki myself and went on to complete  stage 1 and 2. The lady who I saw was a lovely lady, a gentle soul who obviously was more into helping rather than making money from her gift.

I lay on a heated couch in a darkened room and she layered blankets on top of me, now anyone who knows me know I’m not a fan of too much heat 😰 and she switched the heat off the couch and I lay there listening to gentle rain forest music.

The smells from the oils filled my senses and I began drifting into a deep relaxation . She like me uses the hands on approach rather than the hovering above which can be described as working on ones aura. She told me that she would go where she was guided to go from a higher force.

It was amazing, she instinctively knew where to find the problems in my body, I was waiting for her to put her hand lightly over the area which was hurting me the most and she did. Even through the blanket I could the warmth of her healing hands.

It was brilliant and I’m definitely going back for more. 😊


  1. I have not experienced a healing like that for 17 years, I have tried to find the lady I used to see but to no luck, what a wonderful experience.

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