Healing thoughts painting 😇

I have been doing a lot of reading and listening to healing meditations by Louise Hay during the last week along with reading Lorna Byrne’s Angels at my fingertips. You may remember the painting below which I titled ”

The Ascension” created in acrylic paint. I remember feeling really happy with how this painting turned out. She sat on my bedroom wall for quite a while 🙂

30th January 2018

My latest painting Healing Thoughts is in a way similar although she is done in a digital form.

Hopefully she will bring some healing your way 😉 She is now framed and sat on my bedroom wall.

22nd April 2019


    1. That’s good, I’m not really back yet, I just needed to put this painting on. I’ve emailed you a copy for your screensaver 😉


  1. Welcome back Elaine & belated Happy Easter.
    Lovely paintings, who is ascending?
    Synchronicity Elaine received blog post from ‘invisibly me’ which included a list of self help books. Louise Hay was at the top of the list.
    This morning when I had a spare few minutes I accessed our local library & ordered a few from the list.
    I have a tendency though to gather books & dip. This week whilst I have not made any commitments I will try to read Abit more and catch up with my journalling 🙂

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    1. Happy belated Easter to you too Margaret. I discovered Louise Hays wonderful books years ago, I’m sure you will enjoy them. I’m listening to one of her healing you tube recordings it helps me sleep 😴

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