Trying out my new glasses

Feeling a little confused using these new glasses that are ok for reading, painting and long distance, feeling a little bit sea sick so I thought I would try a nice field painting 🖼

7 Comments on “Trying out my new glasses

    • Vari-focals yes I believe they’re the same, I’m like a nodding dog trying to focus 😬


  1. I like your banner with the infamous black kitty and the sheep–they are so cute! Hope you get used to your new glasses in no time.

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  2. Pretty, and the cloud closest to the grass looks like a delicate feather! Seasick doesn’t sound good.. they tend to say 2 weeks to try glasses and adjust to them. If you’re not getting on with them any better by then I’d maybe go back in and tell them, because it could be the prescription needs adjusting. xx

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  3. I got my new glasses. I went from trifocals to single lense. I have to take them off to read. They work ok for some distance, but I can’t see clearly after 5 feet so while it’s an improvement in some ways and apparantly my eyes are “better” so this guy said, and he even took me off the “blind” list and told me I could drive. My mouth hit the floor, are you kidding me? I can only see when it’s sunny but not bright and not from dusk until dawn. I’m not sure whether to believe him or not, but if there is any change in sight, its because I was told a few years ago to use fish tablets, the ones whales eat. It has made some difference in other areas of my body at least. Hope your glasses work better than mine!

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