1. Wow, that is incredible! I love the blend of colours and the texture and depth you’ve given the sky and water. If that’s the end of the world, I wouldn’t mind being there, it doesn’t look too bad at all 😉

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  2. I love this painting, Elaine.
    Now, it’s a pity you hadn’t painted it back in 2012 when I had my End Of The World Blog Party – it would have fit in really nicely with that! Mind you, it still fits in really nicely now, saying that. I love the textures, the colours, the imagery, the imagination, the inspiration, the interpretation and the framing. And in the frame it looks even better! Bravo! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tom,

      I never started out with the idea of painting this end of the world painting I was trying to get different colours in the sky, then the earth started to look a bit barren and the end of the world title came into play. Maybe I should have called it the journey lol.

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      1. No… I think the title suits it perfectly.
        There’s been an alignment of synchronicity with this post and the previous post on another blog that I liked (as I’m a very sporadic visitor of late!) – I’m just writing about it now. I love it when this happens…

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