A strange thing happened on Saturday night after I saw a book which was recommended I looked online to see if I could purchase it. I found the book in question on Amazon and read a sample, it’s looked interesting so I thought I would buy the kindle version. I tried all ways but I couldn’t buy it I even went into my settings and changed a few things around but it wouldn’t work.

Because it was 3am I decided I would go to bed and try again on Sunday morning. Well I tried again and it was having none of it and I started scrolling down more books to see if it was duplicated to try to order it. I found it but once again, no joy.

I thought about buying it in paperback but I didn’t want to for some reason. I had by then lost interest.

I  came across two books by Michael Newton PH.D. called Journey of souls and Destiny of souls and I just knew somehow that I was meant to read them.

So here they are delivered this morning, I wonder what I will paint after reading these books ! 😳