Early morning painting

I woke up early this morning after being woke up suddenly by John my husband jumping in bed. ” What’s wrong I asked, why are you jumping?”

“You would jump too if a fox jumped at you” he replied and promptly went back to sleep.

I lay in bed thinking about a fox jumping towards me for a while then shook my head! I was wide awake and I found myself wanting to paint. So after a cup of tea and two ginger biscuits ( for medicinal purposes) 🙄 I went into the spare room to paint.

I knew I wanted to paint something bright in greens, pinks, purples, whites and yellows so I began with a green background then started adding on tulip shape heads. I merged all the pages on my digital tablet and set about using the palette knife tool. I’ve recently found the smudge setting or should that be it found me! I’ve never fully read what the art tablet can do yet. It is just the gift that keeps on giving, tool after tool.

Anyway I just started smudging everything and then I realised something 😳 I do not look at the whole screen when I’m painting anything, that’s obvious 🙄 some of you maybe thinking 🤔 but it’s actually true, I just go by instinct, smudging this way and that way which is probably why my tulip heads don’t represent tulips anymore, hmm they’re more like misshapen leaves 🤭

But hey ho,what can I expect when I don’t look at the whole screen when I’m painting 😬


  1. That’s probably the last thing your husband thought you’d say, about a fox jumping at you!
    I love that you’re still discovering new things with the tablet, new tools and ways of using it. I actually really like this, especially the sharpness to the smudges, where they come up a bit spikey!

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