Finished four new paintings.

Here is my completed set of four paintings which was a challenge that was somehow set by Tom of Beyond the Sphere and myself.  (Check out his blog )

The rules were that the same colours would be used for all four paintings.  Thanks, for the challenge Tom, I’ve enjoyed seeing your paintings in your chosen colours. I love how we all have our own distinct style.

I would love to see other people take on a 4 painting challenge using the same colours. Come on, are you brave enough ????

I painted this selection for my bedroom wall choosing to have plain wood frames which I can use again when I’m ready for a change. 😉

1st painting




2nd painting




3rd painting which is more of a traditional painting. I got the idea of this one from a photograph of real flowers




Finally the fourth painting again from a photograph.





  1. wow…i think i might have started this challenge before you thought of it…..i am doing a series for the bath as I couldn’t find pics I liked……


  2. by the way…love those..the first is one i wouldn’t have thought of doing but i really like how it looks.

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  3. I like them all, Elaine. And they do look good in frames, don’t they?
    I enjoyed doing this challenge with you. I also look forward to round two… but hopefully not just yet! 😊🎨😁

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