First of all I have to blame my good friend Raili for posting a meditation showing me the way to unlock my creativity. I listened carefully, oh yes I sucked it all up and it definitely unlocked something in me ☺️

I was like a woman possessed sat at my tablet painting digitally like there was no tomorrow. I even missed my breakfast, such was my urgency to expel my creativity.

Now I’m not being big-headed here but I am quite happy with the results too 😁

There is just one problem 😔my creativity was locked yesterday so my two new paintings are completely different from yesterday’s two apart from using the same colours 🥵

But do they match , that’s the question 😳 I won’t know until they’re printed framed and put on the wall later today.

Somehow I don’t think they will. 😬

Enjoy your day.

Elaine 🌹