It’s been a while since I wrote an awake in the night post, well it must be a week or so now 😉

Several things are keeping me awake, the main thing is thinking about the remaining two paintings to complete the set of four. I’ve always found abstract painting easy because in my mind I don’t have to think much, I just layer colours on top of each other. 😬

That’s the beauty of digital painting if you don’t like it you paint over it. I used to do that with my acrylic painting but that then became tedious. There was so much paint used and wasted, plus the canvas got thicker and thicker and I would get paint all over me. 😉

I’ve never done a set of 4 paintings before, I’ve done 4 animals but that’s very different.    I know that by using the same colours that they will match but I don’t want them to look exactly the same, that’s why I’ve done one vertically and one horizontally. But how do I do my next two? 🤔

I’m toying with the idea of circles or triangles, maybe more white or light grey? In my head I see camels 🐫 or little houses 🏠 Maybe I need some medication .😯 One thing I know is I won’t rest easy until I’ve completed the 4. 😤

I would ask you all for ideas but knowing me I will have completed all of the 4 before I get your replies. ☺️ Maybe I should set myself the challenge of creating four matching paintings every week, now that would be fun, NOT! 🙄

So to recap …….

1. 🐫

2 🏠

I love painting 🤥 it’s the thinking about it that I find difficult. 🐫 🏠 🥵