I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to paint something different to go with my new rug. We have also had some blinds fitted at the windows which have changed the light and will hopefully cool down the apartment, which is currently reading 25 centigrade with no heating on 😎.

It certainly stops the glare which should help the wrinkles… sorry smile lines around my eyes!

I currently have four paintings in the lounge in a corner and basically I’m getting a bit fed up of looking at them.


I’ve played around this morning using the four main colours in my lounge, burnt orange and three shades of grey,  not 50 shades, 😂🤣😂  just 3 and came up with a completely different type of painting

abstract orange

I don’t think it would have been mum’s cup of tea ! But then again I don’t think she would have been over fond of the rug either!





It’s now  on the wall looking completely at odds with my other paintings 😬 I suppose I better paint another three now 🙄 Why do I start these things 😏

Have a great weekend

Elaine x