Awake in the night!

It was my sister’s birthday the other day so I invited her out for afternoon tea at our local garden centre. Once again a large amount of sandwiches and cakes arrived at our table ( I should have learnt last time )

It was a rare treat for us to indulge but there was far too much food for us and we both ended up taking a box of left overs home .

Then last night I went with my youngest daughter to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and it was fantastic, I have always been a big fan of Queen, I read the book about Freddie Mercury years ago.

It’s such a tragedy that he is not with us today, he truly was a showman. Thank goodness they did found a cure for AIDS,  sadly too late for him though 😢.   If you haven’t seen the film yet check it out, I don’t think you would be disappointed.

So obviously 🙄 I’m up in the night unable to sleep because it’s too hot,  too hot in February in England or  then again maybe I’m still high from the sugar rush and excitement of my busy day yesterday. 🧁🍰 😬


  1. Yum yum Elaine. Funny, after my park walk the other day & a yet another try at local u3a meeting in the afternoon I woke at 3 the same night. I felt my senses had been overstimulated. Yesterday I was to visit the park again but not up to it.
    A primary school friend Carol & I confirmed our lunch meet up at local garden centre next week. Carol’s daughter teaches at primary level & is to teach maypole dancing so Carol was asking me to share memories, what a hoot.
    It will be interesting to see the differences between our memories & you tube’s version.
    Bohemian Rhapsody sounds good 🙂🎂🍰🎼

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    1. I’m not one for going outa lot and yesterday was overkill for me although I enjoyed it. I like peace and quiet, when at home I rarely even look at the time, I just am! I think walking round a park is a lovely soothing pastime, back to nature . Maybe that’s why I follower photography blogs because I love their outdoor pics.

      I worried at one stage that I was becoming a recluse 😳 but hey I’m happy and that’s the main thing. Have a good day Margaret and live in the moment, neither looking backwards or forwards. 🌹

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      1. I have this theory Elaine that really I am an empath who picks up on every one of the senses & when over stimulated needs down time.
        Hope you have a good day also Elaine 😎❤️

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            1. I’ve done a blog about this before. I struggled with my mums illness and passing because I felt that I could actually feel how she was feeling mentally and physically . I Can only blog for so long then I have to take a break and recharge.


  2. Happy (belated) birthday to your sister! I think the afternoon tea sounds like a lovely way to celebrate and spend some time together – and there’s no such thing as too much cake 😉

    I’ve not seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet but I’d like to, it’s been getting a lot of great reviews for the acting too so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I hope you manage a little more sleep tonight xxxx

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