Background painting for new ladies!

I inherited some ladies from mums house, they’re not really my thing but I’m not ready to part with them just yet. I placed one of my old acrylic painting on the shelf behind them and now they look like they’re in a meadow under a tree!

It made me smile 😃


  1. Aw,
    Missedvthis post somehow Elaine. Beautiful ladies and yes they do look like they are in a meadow.
    I have a really good firiend Joan, ex colleague (older than me) & mentor who gave me a dancing lady & I will never part with it. Joan is 89yrs now & her health is declining. I really don’t know what I will do when she is gone.

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    1. I had some sad news yesterday Margaret, my ex husbands uncle died overnight he was only 76 it was all very sudden and I know his wife will be devastated. I feel so much for her. It made me realise that the time that I had with my mum however difficult to see was really a blessing because we got to say our goodbyes . Death comes to us all and to reach a good age is all we can ask for. You are very fortunate to have a good friend like Joan. I remember when my mum was dying I prayed for God to take her, the most precious thing I had in my life, that is true belief the knowledge that the ones we love are better off in the other world.

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      1. Aw, I am sorry to hear that sad news Elaine. I am thinking about you at this time.
        Yes Elaine I am very fortunate in having Joan and as soon as I am feeling a littler stronger I hope to make the 12 mile journey via wigan town centre to visit her. In terms of distance etc it is nothing but energy levels still low.
        I hope you are recovering from your cold. Are the grandchildren still with you?

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  2. P. S just double checked my butterflies everywhere pic to check if joan’s Lady was then on window sill behind new net curtain as I am always moving things about. Only two days ago I moved her from the window to a prominent place on my dressing table. Synchronicity again Elaine.

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  3. Are they Lladro figurines? Might be worth checking up their value. Should have some kind of identification code, name of figurine etc on the bottom. You can google it using that info

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      1. One day you might decide to sell them. Or bequeath them to your grandchildren. Sometimes it is nice to have the full story including the value. May be appreciated more by the recipients.

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            1. All my loved ones were offered the ladies but declined 😃 that’s why they reside with me 😉 I will keep them for a bit then they will probably go to the Macmillan cancer shop where hopefully they will be sold to somebody who will love and appreciate them like mum did and also raise some money for a good cause ✔️✔️

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  4. Aw that’s such a lovely idea! Hey, maybe this could be the start of a whole new series… getting an object and painting a background to transport it somewhere else (like an orange, with a moon background). No? Just an idea 😛
    Really like this and I wouldn’t want to part with these either. ♥

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