1. Isn’t it strange, Elaine, how one minute you find yourself in a great flow where everything’s working fine, and you think ‘this is it… I’ll keep doing it this way’, and you do… and then suddenly find yourself back at square one wondering what to do next. It’s most odd. Grab inspiration when it strikes for it may not last long. Mind you, it’s sometimes external forces that put the kibosh on things… like computers (mutter, grumble, gripe). Consult your Inner Magician… that will get your magic flowing again! Or just doodle and see what happens! 🌞

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  2. There’s a lot coming across in your work Rose, but maybe not what you’re after personally, every artist can relate to that. Tom put it perfectly and I have no doubt you’ll find it.

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  3. You’re still doing beautiful, interesting pieces, but it sounds like there’s something extra you want to pull through. It’ll happen when the time’s right 😉

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