What we’ve done today!

Today I spent the day with my grandma 👵. We played a game called the game of life and Seth won! Then we went over to grandmas flat and I tidied the cupboard out, while Seth watched the tv 📺. We also did some drawing ✍🏻 and I had pizza 🍕 for my lunch and Seth had a sandwich 🥪, them some chocolate cake 🍰 and ice cream 🍦. I loved my day!👩‍🎨🐢❤️👵

By Ruby ❤️


  1. Hi Ruby,
    It was really interesting to read about your day. I am particularly interested in your game of life and hope you were not too disappointed when Seth won this game.
    Pizza sounds good and I am glad you enjoyed your day.
    Love Margaret ❤️


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