All about my day😁

Hello my name is Seth and today I am at my grandma’s house because it is my first day in the school holidays. 🏫🥳🤩

I have a pet tortoise who is called Shelly and she is the best pet in the world 🌍🐢.

For my dinner I had a sandwich 🥪 with cheese in it and for my desert was chocolate fudge cake (with ice cream). This afternoon I was drawing ✍🏻 in one of my grandmas drawing book🎨 and I did a dot to dot. Also I did a master piece on my grandmas art 🖼 tablet. Hope you enjoyed my blog 😀😀😀.

9 thoughts on “All about my day😁

  1. Aw,
    I love Seth who has a good taste in food and certainly has the makings of a blogger. I think Shelley is great.
    I really enjoyed reading this post Elaine, lifted my spirits and am sure the company of your family at this time has lifted yours. 🙂

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