Charlie and Sasha.

Charlie and Sasha talked for hours, Charlie wanted to know about their son Kit Kat , when Sasha had told him that Kit Kat had left the meadow with Leon the sheep to join a travelling circus Charlie was not surprised. Kit Kat had never been the typical Tom kitten he always behaved differently to the norm. He was happy that he had found a good partnership with Leon the sheep and hoped that one day he and Sasha would watch them perform in the circus.😳

Charlie felt very nervous talking about his twins from his adulteress relationship. He apologised again to Sasha for leaving her holding the kittens so to speak. Sasha told Charlie that she had loved them as if they were her own and although they both lived far away with their new partners they still sent messages to her now and again by the pigeon postal service.

Charlie looked at Sasha and could tell that she had lived a hard life and if it took him all of his last cat life he would look after and love her like he had promised to do when they married.

Sasha’s heart was beating so fast that she was sure Charlie would be able to hear it. She noticed that Charlie had some grey hairs in his handsome face which suited him. Was he, she wondered finally ready to settle down now. Had he now sown all his oats 😺

They felt the magnetism draw them closer until they could feel each other’s breath, Sasha noted that Charlie had eaten some garlic 😬 , he must have taken a liking to it whilst being away. Closer and closer they drew together then  their mouths touched and they shared their first kiss together again.

Ah all was well in the meadow 💋


  1. Good for Charlie being honest and stepping up. And well done to Sasha for being able to see past all the hurt, that takes a lot. Maybe Charlie & Sasha can take a trip to see Kit Kat in the circus soon, let them know the good news that they’re reunited. Or send a paw-written letter. I bet the pigeon postal service is cheaper than Royal Mail, too.
    Aww back together at last! xx

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