Five little angels




Five little angels held me captive in bed

 Determined to get inside my head

Four little angels shouted, you’re staying there

I didn’t argue, I didn’t dare

Three little angels said, isn’t this cozy

Lets snuggle up together and get dozy

Two little angels sang the sweetest hymn

Knowing the relaxation it would bring

One little angel whispered we are here

Relax with us, release the fear.


©Rose Elaine 2019, all rights reserved





7 Comments on “Five little angels

  1. Hope you are soon feeling better Elaine. This is what I should have done at the beginning of my cold pre Christmas. I should have let the angels look after me. Have given in now & putting my trust in them. No more daily walks to shop until fully recovered. Seems to be one step forward & three steps back on some days when I venture out.
    Am having some rest and play time now. 👼🦋🛋🛌📓❤️

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  2. Send them over to me. I tossed and turned all night, finally sleeping around four. 🙄


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