Stinking cold!



It must have been 40 years since I had a bad cold, colds are not something that have ever troubled me until this week. I can’t stop sneezing 🤧 I’m constantly cleaning my iPad screen although I have to say spittle can be very artistic 😏

I decided to get up and drink lots, I’ve had about 3 litres so far of unsweetened Juice to dilute. I only drink bottled water now, a minimum 2 litres a day due to a recent diagnosis of liver fibrosis and now suspected polycythemia, I get my results hopefully next Monday when I see my haematologist.😊

I’m not fit to sit at my desk and do any painting today yet not sick enough to do nothing!  I have started following  a blog called Lucid Being-ash and admiring his art and site theme I decided to try changing mine again! ( check out his blog )

I know I’m always changing my site but finally, FINALLY I may have found the best theme to showcase my artwork. I’ve also found blogs that I had written and forgotten about so I’ve added them to my site. I have over 100 five little angels poems now most of which I’ve taken offline to get them ready to be put into a booklet for the local hospice 😇

It has passed a few hours , which is good and hopefully I will be able to get back painting in the next day or so.

Enjoy your day whatever you’re doing 😉


  1. Hope your feeling better soon. When you’re not used to colds, it can really knock you back a step or two. I don’t get colds either. I think I have the flue (everyone got it but me) but it settles into your bones (usually an area that’s already tender) and the pain is unbearable. Thinking of going to the hospital even. My son has it and so does my daughter. It’s crazy!

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  2. I’m bundled with hot tea and dinner in the oven. It’s snowing, very cold and not going out at all. T an P Anniversary today, 26 years! Feel better soon!

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  3. Sorry that you have a bad cold. Wow, didn’t have that bad for 40 years. You’re lucky in a sense. Doing nothing is good for you right now. I had a real bad one once in my life that I couldn’t even move my back muscle so I was laying on the couch for days.

    Take care of yourself, my friend. You had gone through a lot and your body needs a very goooood rest!

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  4. Oh no, colds are the pits. I’m sorry you’re so ‘under the weather’ with it right now, that’s going to make you feel worse on top of everything. I hope it leaves you alone soon. I think your blog works well showcasing your art because of how it’s laid out on the homepage with the art image large as a ‘thumbnail’ for the post. I also like the art down the right hand side (viewing on desktop) 😀
    Sending hugs & wishing there were a cure for colds & sneezes! xx

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