It must have been 40 years since I had a bad cold, colds are not something that have ever troubled me until this week. I can’t stop sneezing 🤧 I’m constantly cleaning my iPad screen although I have to say spittle can be very artistic 😏

I decided to get up and drink lots, I’ve had about 3 litres so far of unsweetened Juice to dilute. I only drink bottled water now, a minimum 2 litres a day due to a recent diagnosis of liver fibrosis and now suspected polycythemia, I get my results hopefully next Monday when I see my haematologist.😊

I’m not fit to sit at my desk and do any painting today yet not sick enough to do nothing!  I have started following  a blog called Lucid Being-ash and admiring his art and site theme I decided to try changing mine again! ( check out his blog )

I know I’m always changing my site but finally, FINALLY I may have found the best theme to showcase my artwork. I’ve also found blogs that I had written and forgotten about so I’ve added them to my site. I have over 100 five little angels poems now most of which I’ve taken offline to get them ready to be put into a booklet for the local hospice 😇

It has passed a few hours , which is good and hopefully I will be able to get back painting in the next day or so.

Enjoy your day whatever you’re doing 😉