Five little angels.


Five little angels stood in a line

Shaking their heads when I said, I’m fine

Four little angels said you need time to heal

Trust in us, we know how you feel

Three little angels said we are always near

Watching over you, we see your tears

Two little angels stroked my head

Leading me back towards my bed

One little angel said your mum is safe

Then kissed me gently on my face.



  1. Beautiful and so true Elaine. I remember our doctor’s surgery sending me a condolence letter accompanied by a booklet about bereavement. I found the information very useful especially the part that mentioned periods of insomnia and lack of patience at times.
    Take care Elaine and be kind to yourself. I am only really starting the being kind to myself bit now 3 years on but as we know everyone’s process is different.

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  2. Ok, not knowing your ‘early hours story’ wondered if it was bereavement related.
    I often have periods of inspiration when in theory I should be sleeping.

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    1. It was a strange one Margaret, my awake story is often due to health related issues , but then I saw a painting that touched me somehow and it brought up a lot of emotions which obviously brought my mum to my mind. I wanted to write some deep poetry but I can’t at the moment because everything is so raw. Mum house has now got a new occupants and that touched a nerve. I hope it makes them as happy as it made my mum and they continue to look after her beautiful gardens. 😢

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