Sasha and Charlie

Charlie felt ill, the meadow started swimming around him and he fell to the ground. Was he having a heart attack? His lives began flashing before his eyes. He saw himself meeting Sasha, getting married and becoming the proud cat father to Kit Kat, how much he loved Sasha and Kit Kat.

Then came all his infidelities, the cats that meant very little to him, they had stroked his ego.  He thought he was the cats whiskers. How many kittens did he father, he wasn’t sure and now he felt ashamed. why oh why had he not been a good cat husband and cat father. A role model for Kit Kat, no wonder Kit Kat had a difficult kittenhood and over ate biscuits!

He opened his eyes and saw lots of little cat Angels floating above him,  was this the end, had he really reached his ninth life? he had stopped counting when he had reached six lives.

He felt Sasha’s breath leaning over him, he could smell her sweet kitty scent, he looked into her one green eye and one blue eye and his heart started to beat faster.

Charlie, Sasha whispered, Charlie, are you alright, should I go for the vet? Charlie raised his paw, and sighed. He tried to speak and his voice was weak but Sasha heard him whisper, Sasha I think I need the kiss of life.

But would Sasha oblige.? Did Charlie really deserve to be saved 😳🙀



          1. Just choose what feels right Elaine, the rest will follow. Today it feels right to sit in my reader and try my endless never ending catchups in WP.. I see they are making changes the like stars are now blue not gold and my moderation comments are no longer held in yellow, just speech bubble yellow.. Much preferred the old stars you could see then where you had been LOL..
            Take care.. and much love. ❤

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      1. It’s on going. Found a place, but we have to have it certified so we know it’s worth doing that’s 500.00 then make a bid then go to the bank and if all goes well, move! woot

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  1. I hope Charlie’s okay as it would be ironic in an awful way for him to reach his 9th life now. Or maybe he’s been to kittykat acting school & this is all a ploy to get the kiss of life..?! xx

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