Charlie and Sasha continued


The ginger toy boy cat slunk away crying like the baby he was, Sasha watched him all the time thinking I’m sure his mummy will kiss him better!

Suddenly a familiar smell reached Sasha pussy cat nose, she knew that scent anywhere. It was unmistakable, it was Charlie. Sasha’s heart skipped a beat and she turned around to see if she was right.



Sure enough Charlie was stood there looking a bit sheepish! Perhaps he was trying to blend in with the background. 😳   He was obviously uncomfortable, not knowing how Sasha would react. His heart was almost beating out of his kitty chest. His tongue felt too big for his mouth, was he having a heart attack! Never had Charlie in all his cat lives felt so nervous.

Sasha sat and looked at Charlie she was lost for words too. Who would be able to speak first?


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