Angel card idea

I think a selection of angel cards may go down well in the local hospice, I appreciate that not everyone who visits the gift shop will be a believer in angels but I’m working on the fact that it may bring someone some comfort.

I’ve converted my original angel painting into a size which should sit on a card nicely, I had to do some resizing to make it look okay.

This is the sort of thing I would have bought when I was visiting my mum in the hospice before Christmas. I’ve just purchased a printer which will be ideal for cards and the ink bottles lasts approximately two years! Happy days.

Hopefully a selection of my cards may raise some money for the hospice, if they do I will continue to print and create more for them 😇


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I could see these in hospices & hospitals. I would buy these for someone, just as I would be delighted & touched to receive one. They would certainly bring comfort, which shows just how warm your heart is, Elaine. xx

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      • Yes, Elaine. They are special people who know intimately the stages of the patients down to the last months, weeks and days. They treat them with special care. My son-in-law read the book written by a hospice nurse to identify the sighs of his mom and I learned so much about these patients.

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