Charlie and Sasha

Charlie was watching from afar, he could see Sasha chatting to a ginger cat, it was obvious that the ginger cat was infatuated with Sasha and Charlie’s heart sunk. He wished he could hear what they were saying to each other so he decided to move closer.


The ginger Tom cat was pleading with Sasha to give him a chance, he said he was in love with Sasha and had been for the last year. Sasha sighed and told him that she was really sorry but she was just not interested in having a toy boy cat. He was young enough to have been her son/kitten and although she was flattered she did not want to hear or see from him again. The ginger Tom boy cat hung his head in despair and slunk away.

Charlie’s heart soared after hearing the conversation! She had no boyfriend, maybe, just maybe there was a chance for him. He sat watching Sasha thinking how beautiful she was, he had been such a fool. It really was a case of not knowing what he had until he lost it.


But would she take him back? 😿


  1. A toy boy cat, that made me chuckle! Naughty for earwigging on the conversation, but maybe, just maybe, he can show he’s changed and that he’s worth taking the chance on. He’s certainly learned the ‘didn’t know what you had until it’s gone’ lesson the hard way.xx

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