1. Wow,
    Things are not as they seem Elaine is what I got from this. My first response was a lovely pic of strong colours depicting a beach scene with rough seas but looking closer it seemed that the sky was above but the sand came next & then the sea

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  2. Still getting over virus Elaine but much better. Been decluttering & touching base.
    Had worn myself out before Christmas going hither n thither & worrying about folks. Taking a big step back & looking after myself.
    Hard at times keeping up with blog but all trial & error.
    Hadn’t forgot about you & wondering how you were. Hope all is well.
    Some 3 a.m up in nights but journal sorting etc.
    Glad i’m Retired & given myself space.
    Take care 😃

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      1. Aw,
        Happy birthday Elaine in advance. Only been to Harrogate once for our annual Health Visitors’ Association conference. Not enough time to visit Betty’s tea shop.
        Enjoy & the days are getting longer 🙂

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