So much had happened since Charlie had left Sasha, the twins from Charlie’s infidelity Susie and Sam had grown up and moved away after meeting new partners and Sasha now saw very little of them.

Kit Kat still lived in the meadow with Leon who was now a fully grown sheep, an unlikely coupling but it worked for them. Sasha had hoped for grand-kittens , now she wondered if she would have sheep-kittens 😼 but she wasn’t holding her breath.

Hardly a day went by when she didn’t think about Charlie, he had been the love of her life well five of them anyway!

A tear slowly trickled down Sasha’s face. 😿 This was not how her  life should be. She had been pursued by many Tom cats 😻😻😻😻 over the last two years but she simply was not that sort of cat! She was a one cat-cat! Charlie could never be replaced and she knew that she would probably spend the rest of her life alone.

Should she have forgiven Charlie for his wanderings. No, Sasha knew that she had done right putting her paw down but it had cost them both dearly. She wondered if Charlie ever thought about her and if he had settled down and had a new family.

Life felt so unfair to Sasha.


  1. Oh Sasha, he’s still thinking about you too! You did the right thing at the time, but cats can change, and maybe it wasn’t the right time for you two then. You are purrrfect for each other, if you can let go of the hurt & move forward with a fresh slate. xx

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