It was my mother’s funeral today and although I was determined to be strong on hearing her chosen song going into the service ” Somewhere over the rainbow ” I began blubbering. 😫

It was a beautiful service and an incredible tribute to her, she would have loved it. I wrote a five little angels poem just for the occasion which my husband John read during the service and I thought I would share it with you.  You have all been a great support to me over the last couple of months so again, thank you.



Five little angels knew mum’s time was near

folding their wings around her, they said do not fear


Four little angels arranged for a choir to sing some hymns,

knowing the comfort their voices would bring


Three little angels told mum to look into the light,

giving their guidance, she saw a beautiful sight


Two little angels saw mum’s family waiting,  their arms outstretched

so they gently passed mum over, to her final rest


One little angel said, do not be sad, you won’t be far apart

although you can’t see her, she is forever in your heart.