A good drying day on the moon.

When I began painting about fifteen months ago I painted the traditional way using acrylic paint and canvases. Slowly I began the process of learning to paint. I always like to try to think outside the box with my paintings which is how this series of Milly on the moon paintings came into my mind.

When I made the switch over to digital painting I wanted to try to get the same effect and finish as traditional painting. I didn’t want my work to look cartoonish or drawn instead of painted. I never thought I would say this but I actually enjoy using a digital tablet because of the sharpness I can achieve.

Here is my digital version of a good drying day


  1. Aw elaine,
    What a lovely pic & memories of mum who loved pegging out. Seems not too long ago.
    We always had a garden to peg out in. One house we lived in an old Lancashire lady used to say of my mum (an Irish last) ‘hers alus washing’ the a was pronounced as in apple. 🙂

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