Now using my large XP-Pen tablet.

I’ve finally started using my larger XP-Pen tablet 😃 which has been sat in the office waiting to be used for the last few months.

Whilst  clearing Mum’s house ready to hand back to the local council I came across  a little table and thought that it would be ideal for my new very heavy Xp-pen tablet to sit on and it is.

All what I have experienced over the last few months has made me much stronger as a person and mum loved my poetry and encouraged me to write a book, so with that in mind John and I have decided to push ahead with my idea for a book featuring my Five Little Angels poetry. The book will be dedicated to my mum and we will donate a large amount of them to the hospice where she spent her last few days.

Here is my very first completed painting which will be included in the little angels book, created on my new tablet, using the art rage program.

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Hi, My name is Elaine, thanks for checking out my site in which you will find lots of digital artwork, photography, poetry and general day to day posts. 😊 I run an award free blog but appreciate any likes or comments that you would like to leave. I hope you get some enjoyment from looking at my site and stop by again. Many thanks, Elaine. 🌹

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