We never know what a new year will bring for us, nor do we realise just what strength we as humans have. I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year and I’ve grown as a person. I’ve experienced more pain than I thought I could handle, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and at times I’ve almost been on my knees then something good would happen because I never stopped believing in a higher force.

I’ve learnt that I am more spiritual than religious, believing that there is more love following a spiritual path.  In my mind it’s simple, we need to show more human kindness and not only think about ourselves.

What is happening to our world, we all as individuals play a part, it’s easy to say that we can’t make a difference but we can. Show compassion to others, give a little bit of something to charities/ the homeless/ our own families! Trust in the law of average that the more we give out the more we get back.

After seeing how the hospice works during the last week of mum’s life I was totally blown away by the love and compassion shown to her and us as a family and I will forever be grateful to them and the people who work tirelessly to raise money for organisations such as these.

I am fortunate to have been given the ability to write poetry and create paintings some of which I am going to donate to the hospice where mum passed away for them to sell in their shop. I’m also in 2019 going to attempt to get my five little angel poetry published. I’m not sure how to do it but I’m sure a way will make itself known, then all profits will be shared amongst various charities.

Finally, I will leave you with a photo of my mum who has played such a massive part in my life. We may not have always seen eye to eye but came to understand and appreciate each other eventually. Her funeral will be held on the 14 January and a Salvation Army officer will be taking the service. Mum chose her own music and has chosen her final piece to be “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye “ by Vera Lynn which was so typical of her humour.

So here is a photograph taken a few years ago of my mum.

Betty Rose

28.04.1931 to 24.12.2018