Angels do exist.

Angels are all around us we only have to look for them.

My mum passed away last night peacefully 24/12/2018 in a local hospice with both my sister and I by her side. A male voice choir had been singing only minutes before she passed, It was all very emotional and yet a perfect exit for a very special lady.

We were blessed to have her and I take comfort in the fact that she will always be around and we will meet again one day.

Elaine x


  1. R.i.p mum. Been thinking about you & just woke & thought I would check in. Sounds a peaceful goodbye Elaine for a loving mum at such a special time of year.
    May her soul rest in peace and warm thoughts to all your family.


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  2. May she rest in the arms of the angels, and God’s grace pour down upon you and your family. Blessings from our family to yours this Christmas season and during your time of grief.

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  3. Elaine, yesterday I liked your posting, if only to acknowledge that I had read it. Today I offer my condolences. This year I lost a brother and two sisters. Now there remains just me and my youngest sister who continues to live in Warwickshire. I lost my wife 50 years ago on the 22nd of December and I still miss her. Take time to grieve because grieving takes time. From saint Paul, Minnesota.

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  4. Oh. Sweet Elaine. I am so sorry for Your loss, but joyful at the peace of her passing. We are still waiting for our beautiful Dear One to pass. It’s difficult to watch the suffering. She is so at peace though, and completely surrounded by loved ones. She has no fear of passing and is at the point of being very out of it….so….soon. Sending so much love. 💖💖💖

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  5. Hi – I came over from Jim’s blog to give my condolences. It makes me sad to hear about your Mum, but it sounds like she made a grand exit!!! Best wishes to you and your family!!!

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