The Rebirth….

I wrote this years ago and never really understood where it came from. I was awake in the night and it suddenly occurred to me that this piece could be related to death.  I’m sat here and mum is sleeping peacefully in her bed, I’m determined not to start crying because it also came to me in the night that our loved ones never leave us. Their physical bodies wear out but their spirits live on.

A part of you sits deep within me never to leave

I feel the comfort of your soul

My old life has gone for ever

At last I will be free

The emotions inside me are like never before

I physically feel as if the real me is bursting out of my body

And I feel a joy so strong it makes me weep

For my soul that has sat within me crying for freedom

The chains that encased my heart are snapping open

I will be whole and free to soar above the earth

And all that has gone before me will be forgotten

Life and death will be as one

No beginnings and no endings

Just a constant flow of emotions

Far greater than any thoughts

Better and greater than any joy ever experienced

Calmness inside I can see the new beginning

The energy of the universe

Dancing around me with beautiful colours

Soft touches like a soft breeze move around me

But I have just realised I am not in the human form

I have stepped outside the shell in which I was living

I am light I am the light of a thousand different shades

I have no fear no expectations

I just am.

Copyright©2014 RoseElaineblog, all rights reserved.

About roseelaineblog

Hi, My name is Elaine, thanks for checking out my site in which you will find lots of digital artwork, photography, poetry and general day to day posts. 😊 I run an award free blog but appreciate any likes or comments that you would like to leave. I hope you get some enjoyment from looking at my site and stop by again. Many thanks, Elaine. 🌹

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  1. I love the graphic above your painting. The poem is beautiful, Elaine. I am very happy you seem so satisfied – that’s not really the word I was looking for, but maybe content is better? The painting is an interesting choice for the poem…always keep me guessing, eh?


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