Awake in the night 8


Sometimes I wonder if I will ever sleep in the night again !

Mum finally arrived home at 7.45 pm. I had been at her house since 11am that morning which was far too early but we were told she was due to be brought home in the afternoon. My sister joined me after she finished work at 3.30pm. She had rung the agency who had taken on the job of mums care and spoken to the lead nurse who had told her that carers would come in at teatime and evening to tend to mum.

At approx 5.30pm two young ladies walked up mums path and stood at the front door I opened the door and invited them in. I felt quite sorry for them because of the following.

They didn’t know the key safe number to get into mums house

They had no idea of the level of care that mum needed

They had no information of her health conditions.

They had no care plan to work from.

Bearing in mind mums care package is gold star ⭐️ the best that one can have from a VERY good company we were to say the least baffled.

I gave them the key safe code and one of them said she would be back later with another lady.

We tried ringing the office but could get hold of the lead nurse, she had obviously been led off somewhere else.

Not to be deterred we rang the hospital to see if mum had left, we knew mum would be chomping at the bit to get home, they informed us that she was still waiting for transport πŸ™„

At 7.15 pm we got the call from the hospital to say she was on her way home πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and the second lot of carers arrived. We told them mum was on her way home and that we would see to her when she arrived.

They said that they would be back at 7.30 am in the morning and my sister had wrote them a care plan to follow. i.e. washing, changing, getting mum some breakfast.

The medications wouldn’t be able to be given until the official care plan was in place. So I will have to go over early tomorrow to give mum her tablets and liquid morphine.

Hopefully someone will visit tomorrow to write up a care plan.

Finally the ambulance arrived and mum was brought in, she looked at me and shook her head, saying Thank God I’m home. She never thought that she would see her home again.

She looked round and smiled , her face was a picture, she was so happy to be home. The ambulance men lifted her into her nice comfortable bed removing the hospital bedding which had been wrapped around her to keep her warm. She told me that I would probably have to wash it ! 😳 I replied, I don’t think so! and the ambulance men took it away with them.

She sat in her bed looking around saying how nice everything looked and my sister made her a cup of tea. By this time mum was transfixed by the TV and had the look of someone who had won the lottery.

So why am I awake?

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever sleep in the night again.! 😳