Awake in the night 5


I’ve had the best nights sleep for weeks, I didn’t wake up until 4.30 am, I feel so refreshed, my mind has not been spinning and I feel a sense of calmness. Perhaps this is because mum told my nephew that she is coming home on Tuesday although we haven’t been told that yet.

The communication is rubbish between the various departments, lots of equipment arrived at mums house yesterday her bedroom is full of everything. We now have two wheelchairs, two commodes, various tables and trollies 😳🀯

I’m expecting her to come home in an ambulance with oxygen, do I need to take her clothes, will she be put straight into bed? How do I make up the hospital bed, can I put a normal bottom sheet and duvet on top. When will the carers begin to come in……. so many questions which hopefully will get answered soon and breathe 😲 time for more sleep. 😴