I never thought that I would say that I can understand how the scream 😱 painting came about but now I can.

I swear I had so much anger in me that when I went to pick up a pressure seat cushion for my mum chair, if it had not been there I might have had the mother of all paddies! and started throwing tables around.

After sitting by and listening to a palliative nurse who did not even take the time to get my mothers personality before coming out with the garbage that she was coming out with…

what colour plate do you eat from  🤷🏼‍♀️

You can have some spiritual therapy (which my mum thinks it’s all rubbish anyway!)

Would you like counselling?

You can swear if you feel like it she said!

Honestly I was that near to saying F***  right **f myself,  which trust me is not something I ever do.

I was so sad and angry inside that I  decided to try to paint It out and what did I paint!

This, I can’t even angry paint 😤 I’ve just put myself in a bubble! 😩🥺 God give me strength because I know this is only the beginning.