I’ve had the day from hell!

I never thought that I would say that I can understand how the scream 😱 painting came about but now I can.

I swear I had so much anger in me that when I went to pick up a pressure seat cushion for my mum chair, if it had not been there I might have had the mother of all paddies! and started throwing tables around.

After sitting by and listening to a palliative nurse who did not even take the time to get my mothers personality before coming out with the garbage that she was coming out with…

what colour plate do you eat from  🤷🏼‍♀️

You can have some spiritual therapy (which my mum thinks it’s all rubbish anyway!)

Would you like counselling?

You can swear if you feel like it she said!

Honestly I was that near to saying F***  right **f myself,  which trust me is not something I ever do.

I was so sad and angry inside that I  decided to try to paint It out and what did I paint!

This, I can’t even angry paint 😤 I’ve just put myself in a bubble! 😩🥺 God give me strength because I know this is only the beginning.


  1. That is the most zen angry painting I’ve ever seen.
    I think controlling anger is overrated sometimes because there are some instances – yours being one of them – that it’s warranted and necessary to get it out (otherwise you’ll implode, and that will be messy).
    Is it mostly the ridiculous things they’re coming out with there that’s tipping you over the edge? Maybe ear plugs would help, and I mean that honestly because I’ve nearly lost my cool at nurses in hospital for the crap they come out with (and that’s not like me at all either). I feel like ‘arrgghhh’-ing and swearing on your behalf. I’m so sorry you’re feeling so crappy, which I know is an understatement. xxxx


  2. Well I do use that word when I’m here by myself and hurt or angry. Forget about what it means, if it gets
    Ps, have at it. I was sent a damn it doll when I fell into cancer the last time, by my oldest friends. I never used it but maybe you could use it! Send me your address and I’ll send it along! Honestly, anything you can do to relieve stress is okay. Maybe a brisk walk would help. I often wish I had that option. It worked well in the past. Paint paint paint! Love and hugs, C

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    1. Cont…. I’m not angry because she has cancer, I can accept that, it’s the insensitivity and stupidness of some people who I am coming across. Xxxx


    2. You always make me smile Cheryl.
      A damn it doll 😳 that actually made me laugh out loud.Thanks Cheryl but don’t waste your money posting it to me.


  3. Sending lots and lots of hugs. I would be really angry in this situation too.Your painting is beautiful, and if I had just seen that on it’s own I would have assumed you were the opposite to angry. Sometimes when I’m angry I grab some paints or felt tip pens and just scribble all over a large bit of paper (angrily!). 🙂 It really does help, and all the different colours look quite pretty at the end. xxx

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    1. Thanks Heather, I’ve always found it hard to show anger. The palliative nurse was a spiritual person and I tried my hardest to try and understand where she was coming from in what she was saying but I failed to connect! It was my intention to do an angry painting but obviously I put myself in a bubble for protection instead 😇

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  4. Wow Elaine. You are so good at expressing your emotions in your art. I can sort of see how you are feeling with that broken heart showing your sadness. With palliative care it is about making your Mum feel comfortable at the end of her life and so it should be about what you want and what she wants as a family.

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    1. Thanks for spotting the broken heart 💔 it’s a new day today, hopefully a better one. I need to keep reminding myself to live in the moment instead of looking forwards and backwards 😊


  5. Perhaps a quiet word of feedback in the ear of that insensitive nurse – might give her a bit of insight and make her think twice about what she says before she opens her mouth. OR – paint a generic face onto a dart board and throw darts at it when the need arises. That way it’s not personalised to anyone but it helps you vent. Or bash a pillow. You gotta let it out !!

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