I find my mind is like a tornado at the moment with good and not so good days. Mum was so much better yesterday and eating, then today she is quiet and eating very little. I honestly dread what is to come, one thing I know is the whole family will be there for her and we will get through it.




  1. Keeping you and your Mum in my thoughts. I am glad to hear your Mum had a day where she was eating more. That’s always end of life. I haev experienced this before and it’s very hard to watch your loved one going through but you know at the end they will be in heaven in a better place free from pain and that was the only thing that gave me comfort.

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  2. You are a beautiful soul, Elaine. Your family are lucky to have you, and I’m sure you feel the same being lucky to have your mum. She will be glad for this time with you 🌹xxxx

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