Awake in the night ðŸ¥º

I bought yet another new shower curtain yesterday 🙂 This time as you can see by the photograph below it is a beautiful beach scene. After four hours sleep I woke up remembering that I once did a wonderful beach guided meditation.

In the meditation I walked along a beach and eventually came to a cave, in the cave I walked through a door and someone/ something was inside that brought feelings of such joy, it’s difficult to explain because it was not like anything I had experienced on earth. I remember tears streaming down my face at the enormity of feelings,

I believe that when we pass over we discard the body we have lived in almost like a space suit which gave us life on earth. Our spirit is then released back to where it came from and meets other spirits what we call family , close friends etc on earth. With no physical body our spirits merge and create an energy like never felt before.

This I believe to be the homecoming! It’s amazing what a new shower curtain can achieve, it was worth every penny 😉 Now I’m going back to bed!

Goodnight x

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