What a difference a year makes!


Anyone who has followed my blog for a while will probably remember the paintings that I created in acrylic paint for my Christmas cards last year. I love the texture of acrylic paint.

Also the ones below which I personalised for our grandchildren.

This year my cards will be digitally painted if I get the time! The first one I have made is this one below.


I also noticed yesterday that I had hit the 1000 followers mark and would like to thank you all for your support, suggestions and kindness, thank you. X  😇.


    1. Thanks C, I slept well and was at the hospital for some blood tests by 8am! Got to mums for 9am she was quite chirpy today. I soaked her feet then massaged them! I told her I have healing in my hands but she just raised her eyebrows! Good to see her cynical side again 😉


    1. I think she is Phylis, when she says when are you going I know she has had enough! I go every morning now to make her breakfast and assist around the house . We are all on an emotional roller coaster with her cancer diagnosis, but yet blessed with quality time. Everything bad is always balanced with good 😉


    1. Thanks Anthony, I remember when you first started posting your artwork and I’ve enjoyed watching your progress too. You will soon be up to the 1000 mark too 😉


  1. Congratulations on the 100 followers!! 🙌🏼. How amazing are the cards!! I love them. My immediate family used to design a card each year when we were a bit younger, and send them out to friends and family. It used to take ages but was so worth it.

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  2. Woohooo, congrats on the milestone (and here’s to many more followers & views because you and your art are amazing) 😉
    I love the deer card, and I think it’s wonderful that you’re hoping to make your cards from digital art this year 😀
    Caz xx

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