The homecoming πŸ˜‡


16 Comments on “The homecoming πŸ˜‡

  1. This reminds me so much of my Dad. When he was in secure dementia care, he walked round and round a set course day and night all weathers. I used to say he’s walking home!! Then one day he up and decided he’d had enough of walking and put himself to bed. He wore out so many pairs of shoes my brother-in-law made him sandals out of old steel radial car tyres. They kept his last pair to show me. The steel was honed so sharp you could have cut just about anything with it.

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      • Well it’s beautiful. So that’s your Mum coming towards your Dad. I really hope there are beautiful gardens like the one you haev depicted in this painting in heaven. I love spending time in gardens. they are so peaceful.

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