Awake in the night.



Yes it’s me again awake in the night,  but guess what? I am feeling better, the sadness the panic of mums recent diagnosis is not overwhelming me anymore. I can cope 😇

I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me healing and good thoughts, it really has worked. My good friend Cheryl, My spiritual friends Raili who lives in Australia so is usually around when I am awake in the night and Sue who lives in England have helped me so much.

I’ve rearranged my site around and brought out my stories about my mum which clearly explains her character 😬 She was talking to my sister yesterday, telling her where she wanted her funeral tea to be held. I know her five grandchildren will really feel her passing and I’ve decided that I am going to make each of them a little book with my mother stories. That will make them smile again .

Now after this update I am going back to bed, to sleep hopefully.

Wishing you peace in your life

Elaine x



  1. What a cool idea! Maybe you should compile one of John’s eyebrows too. I miss them. Way to be positive in a negative situation. Remember that song by Bing Crosby I think it was? Accentuate the positive…. love and hugs!❤️

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  2. Such a lovely idea to do collections of your mums stories. They will be greatly appreciated, and maybe it’s also a good way for you to hold and share her memories. I hope you managed some sleep… xxxx

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