Had a busy couple of days.

For the last couple of days I’ve been grandchildren and tortoise sitting. 🐢


Here she/he is sunning under the heat lamp! She is still tiny.


Why she needs accommodation this size amazes me!


I think they reconstructed a book case to make the 5* tortoise home.


Did you notice where my bright orange rug went! Hmm, and it’s looks perfect with the fox wallpaper 🦊

They had fun decorating gingerbread pumpkins 🎃 and yes Christmas tree gingerbread because the supermarket ran out of pumpkins 🎃



My sister sent me a photo of Alice her dog who is suffering from the colder weather, apparently when Alice comes back from walkies she stands close to the radiator and puts her tongue on it 🤷🏼‍♀️  My sister has solved the problem. See below  😳


Alice the elf!

Elaine  x


  1. The tortoise is so cute. I don’t mind babysitting her. I like the wall. Last year I hosted the Thanksgiving dinner, but I didn’t come home from spending time with Autumn until mid November. I went shopping for fall decoration, but they were all gone. I ended up decorating with Christmas theme!

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    1. I ordered some gingerbread online with my supermarket shop then decided the week after to order more for my other two grandsons, thats when they sent the Christmas tree gingerbreads it made us laugh anyway.

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  2. Busy busy indeed! I love the reconstructed bookcase for the tortoise’s home, plenty of freedom to roam & rule the roost of his own little nirvana. That rug does look good with the foxy paper, does that mean your living room is now without a rug?
    Aw shame they ran out of pumpkins but the baking looks fab.
    Love the doggy jumper, poor Alice doesn’t like the cold either, don’t blame her. xx

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